Monday, November 7, 2011

Another decent day of eating; plus a funeral

Got the day off of work. Even though I told them I could work from 5-9, there were no students.  So, had the whole day off.

First off Dannii again, got his phenobarbital pills, his Ondansetron to help with his loss of appetite, and the Mirtazapine to stimulate his appetite, a pepcid mixed in with a small amount of Gerber's Ham and Gravy baby food, with a tad more baby food to cover the pills, then mixed with another spoon altogether, and fed on the spoon to Dannii.  He eats it up.  Now, we have to wait an half hour before he can eat breakfast.

So, now I make another smoothie, but I blew it today.  I added a bit too much water, plus I also added a half tablet of selenium.  What I did was, I put some of the meat off of the turkey leg into his bowl, and poured the smoothie over the top of it.  Yes, he ate/drank some of it, but not all.  I wanted him to drink it all as I made the mistake of adding his Prednisone pills to that mix.  Won't do that one again.

He's still hungry, so I give him not quite 2/3's of a cup of Innova Turkey and Chicken.  I heat up some of the water from boiling the turkey legs, yesterday, and pour that over his food.  I also did that to the food bowl for Jenna, and Zak.  They liked the change from just hot water.  Course Dannii ate it up.  The rest of the smoothie that he didn't drink, I put it into another container and saved it until I got back home, which was around 3pm.  Dannii's looking for something to eat, so again, I heat up some (what I will now call Turkey water) and mixed in a small amount to the smoothie, and poured it into Dannii's food bowl.  He ate it up.  Thank goodness, now he got his Prednisone pills down, even though they were not all at once.

For dinner, I again gave him about 2/3 cup of the Innova, mixed with the turkey water.  He ate it all up.  I keep forgetting, and am going to have to make a note to remind myself to add some fish oil to his food at dinner time.  He gave me the impression that he was still hungry, so I added a small handful of kibble and turkey water, but he only ate a few more bites, and left the rest.  There was not much left over, so one of the other dogs, ate it up.  Wasn't paying attention to which one it was, but it would be my best guess that it would have been Zak.  That guy is always hanging around just off to the side and in back of Dannii, just waiting to move in to check his bowl out.  Its no wonder he is getting fat, and needs to go on a diet, which I am trying to do, but Zak always finds something to eat.

Jenna and Dannii 10-30-2011
Jenna's teeth are bothering her again.  She's been prone to "stomatities" but the antibiotics are no longer working, because that it not the problem!  She had a dental done about two months ago, and I was told that there was some more teeth that needed to come out, but not for awhile.  With all this going on with Dannii, I just don't have the funds to do another dental for Jenna.  I had some generous people donate some money for Jenna's dental, so not a penny came out of my pocket.

So far, the only healthy one has been Zak, but of course, he is the youngest.  He will be turning 7 on the 30th of this month.  I just hope that I don't have any problems with him down the road.  Outside of his weight, he is doing good, but is always looking for food, because he is on a diet.
Zak 10-30-2011

He does not like being on a diet.  His favorite thing in the whole world is to eat!  Poor fat baby.  Nice pose of him, but you can tell he's paunchy.  I would like to see him nice and trim like he once was.  He looked so much younger.

Well, all the dogs are curled up for the night, and I guess its time for bed myself.  I do work tomorrow, and I hope tomorrow, we have another successful day of eating!

You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. Dear Dannii,
    I think you should keep eating all the yummy stuff your mom is cooking up for you. It's good for you, and that's why you should eat it. Also, how could you ever not eat a turkey leg? I think I could eat turkey legs all my life and never get tired of them! Well, anyway, you need to take care of yourself so you can feel all better.
    Your friend, Piper