Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & photos from the 13th

I didn't make dinner, as it was just me and the dogs and cats.  My son had gone up to Oregon, with another friend, to a friend of their's, for Thanksgiving.

I made a stew a few days ago, and so I heated up some of the broth, and poured that over the dogs kibble.  Dannii did not get any potatoes, unless they were really, really small.  He got some stew meat, carrots, and green beans, plus the broth.  I've never seen all 3 of the dogs eat their meals so darn fast!

The batteries have not come in yet for my camera, but it finally dawned on me, that my printer, has a slot for the SD card.  So, I inserted the card into the printer, and got them up on the computer.  Too bad I didn't think of that last week!  Anyway, not really any great photos, but at least you can get to see their sweaters that they wore on the 13th of this month.

This here is Dannii, and his sweater is a blue, and a darker blue, with some black.  Jenna's sweater is in pastels.  Although it makes it kind of hard to tell.

The morning started out kind of cold, and since the park is right on the water, is why the dogs wore their sweaters.  It eventually warmed up, but I still didn't take the sweaters off until we got home.

Baree is the brindle female that has her butt to the camera.

This here is our pack, when we usually meet up every Sunday. My guys are in the sweaters, and Scout is the Tri, and then Baree.

A close up of Dannii.  Zak is in the red, and white, and black sweater, in the back ground.

We haven't seen this pack in quite awhile.  There are about 4 Italian Greyhounds, 2 Whippets, and 1 Windhound (the longhaired dog off to the side).  There is a picture of him in one of the earlier blogs from either last year, or earlier this year.

Am trying to take as many picture of Dannii that I possibly can.  This is another close up.

This is the same group as before, just a bit different.  Somebody really wants a treat!

Dannii is still eating very well, and still taking his supplements.  I just hope this continues.  I have the CCNU, but I have not opened the box, and am almost tempted to send it back, but I guess I will hang on to it, just in case, Dannii starts going down hill.  I don't really want to use it at all, if I don't have too.  The Essiac Tea seem's (maybe, hopefully, besides lots of prayers) to be holding things at bay, besides the Prednisone.

Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Stylish sweaters! And that's a great head shot of Dannii!

  2. I agree, great shot of Dannii! I love those sweaters too, they are really neat.

  3. Thank you both. Cindy, you going to Point Isabel on Sunday?