Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11-15-12 Tuesday, and no students :>(

10-30-11, Dannii at Point Isabel
Am home today, as I had no students.  I kind of like this, but then I don't, because my paychecks are very small.  With all that is going on with Dannii, I am going to need every penny I can get.

Before breakfast, phenobarbital pill, Ondansetron pill (for loss of appetite), Mirtazapine (to stimulate appetite), and a pepcid, mixed in with some baby food on a spoon, and was down the hatch in no time.  I took two Essiac tea 8 pills and put them end to end on a piece of lunch meat, and rolled the lunch meat up into a roll.  He ate it without a problem, but one of the pills dropped out!  So, I had to get another piece of lunch meat and rolled it up in that, and he ate it, no pill dropping this time.

Breakfast, he gets two scoups of Innova Turkey and Chicken.  I heated up some water in the microwave for about a minute and a half.  I have to make sure its really hot to soak Jenna's kibble.  Added water to all 3 bowls, and waited for a bit, so the kibble could soak up the water.  Dannii's food doesn't soak up the water like Jenna or Zak's does, so I just poured off the excess water.  Pretty soon every body had eaten and was trying to sack out in the few rays of sun on the floor.

I decided to call the oncologist as I haven't heard back from him since last week.  He called me back within ten minutes.  He went ahead and ordered the CCNU (chemo drug) from Arizona for me.  Dannii need's to be on it for 21 days, then off for 7 days.  Somewhere in that time, we do a CBC/chem panel to see how his white blood cells are doing.  The pills cost with shipping $50.89.  This is going to be on going, until his body stops responding to it.  The CBC/Chem panel is going to run $145.00 every 3-4 weeks.  He did say, that we wouldn't have to do the chem everytime, but do need to do the CBC to keep check on the white cells, or else, I could end up killing Dannii.  Oh dear Lord, help me.  What a rotten time for my x to stop spousal support!  I sure could use that extra money.

For some stupid reason, my mouse quit working, and its got brand new batteries in it!  If its not one thing, its always something else. 

I made a smoothie around lunch time for Dannii just so I could get the rest of his pills (supplements) in him.  I guess I didn't add enough of something, cuz he wouldn't finish it, and it wasn't really that much.  So, again I took some lunch meat and cut it up real small and added it in, drank some, but didn't care for the lunch meat for some reason.  Ok, so now I add a little bit of DogSure to the mix, and now he's drinking. I keep adding more DogSure and he keeps drinking until all the liquid is gone, and nothing is left but the lunch meat.  So, I split the lunch meat between Jenna and Zak, which both just ate up in no time.

Dinner he got his regular Innova Turkey and Chicken.  Boy, I hope he doesn't get tired of that!  He will eat it.  Also made sure he got his phenobarbital pill afterwards.  Now all I have to do is to make sure that he gets his Essiac Tea 8 before we go to bed.

I just got a phone call from my son, who was on his way home.  Somebody shot out his passenger door window!  Well, its not gone, but its shattered and he's says still cracking.  I told him to call the police.  He just called me back, and he's now just waiting for the police to show up.  I doubt if they will find out who did it.  Probably just some punks, not realize what they are doing, or maybe they do, and let it go at that.  Son says it had to come from some houses off to his right, well yeah, but which one?  Good luck with that one.

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