Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16-11, Jenna went to the vets

Jenna at Point Isabel
Jenna has been having a bout of what we thought was stomatitis.  She went in about a month or so ago for a dental, and a week or two later, she was having problems with her mouth, again.

So, I took her in today.  The vet checked her teeth, and they still look good, the gums are a tad bit red on top, but nothing too serious.  The vet is checking her mouth, and she wants to look in the back of Jenna's mouth.  So I am holding her, and try to open her mouth, and on the left side, toward the back, and near the jaw, she has pain.  Lots of pain.  The vet could not see anything.  She's afraid that whatever it is, its in the jaw area.  So, we put Jenna on Rimadyl and antibiotic for a week, to see if this will help.  If not, then it boils down to doing x-rays, which at this point I can not afford to do, with what is going on with Dannii right now.  So hopefully these meds will help Jenna to feel better, and maybe eat without having to soak her kibble in extremely hot water.

I took Dannii and Zak with me.  Mainly I wanted to get him weighed, to see if he has put on some weight, which he did.  The CCNU is coming from Arizona and should be here by the end of the week.  He will be on that for 21 days, then off for 7 days and have a CBC/Chem panel done (if he doesn't have or show any side effects before hand).  I decided to do a comprehensive CBC on Dannii and will get the results tomorrow.  He has been shivering, and I've read that low white cell count, can cause that.  The vet also thinks (which I don't because he was doing this before any medication), that one of the appetite pills might be causing this.  Its possible, I guess.

I have to tell you that Jenna acted like the true lady that she is, and she took a hugh dump right in the waiting room, right in front of the vet herself!  I am digging out my baggie and got most of it cleaned up, and out came some spray and paper towels, and the vet herself, cleaned up the rest!  But that wasn't the end of that, nope, not by a long shot.  Zak had to make his presence known, and he made a hugh lake in the waiting room, right in front of the vet.  He couldn't stop, the poor thing, you could just see the relief come across his face.  Only one left was Dannii, but he was a gentleman, and waited till we got outside to leave, before he went pee.  We were on a roll, two for three, but the third never came!

The morning is nothing to brag about. He gets those 4 pills before breakfast, plus the Essiac Tea 8.  He got about 2/3 cup of his kibble mixed with hot water.  His kibble doesn't really soak up the water, but I just let it sit there for a bit, and then pout off the excess into another bowl.  It was the supplements that I was trying to get him to take before we left for the vets, but he wasn't having it.  So I covered it, and waited till we got home.

Dannii still wasn't having much of the supplements, so I added in a egg, and mixed it up, and used a slice of bread (think french toast), to soak some of it up, and put the bread in Dannii's bowl.  He eventually ate it up.

For dinner, he got a slice of liver. one whole piece, course it wasn't too big, and I don't think it really filled him up, so I gave him a little bit of canned food, nope wouldn't touch it, added in a touch of wet cat food, and some of his kibble.  Still wouldn't touch it.  I added in a hugh amount of baby food, and mixed it altogether, and he finally ate it.  Just some things turn him off, and I never know what that "thing" is going to be.

The charger came for my camera, but it won't charge the batteries!  The guy is going to send me a shipping label to mail it back to him, then he will refund my money.  I should have told him to refund my money, and I will mail the charger back as soon as I get the shipping label.  Oh well, because if he doesn't refund my money, I will report it, since I got it off of eBay.  Now I have to look for another one.

Well, you all come back again, now hear?

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