Sunday, November 20, 2011

Combined Friday, Saturday, and today Sunday

First off, I am pretty sure that the batteries are the culprit in my camera not working, and not the charger!  I have some new batteries coming, so hopefully that will prove my theory correct.

I started a post on Friday, and was going to finish it up Friday night when I got home from work.  I didn't turn the computer off when I left, so when I got home, Firefox had crashed, and all that I had written in the blog (even tho it was suppose to be saved), was gone!  Ticked me off to no end.  So, now am combining all three days into one.

On Friday morning, I was looking at Dannii, and I just thought that he had seemed "bloated", or fat. Well, fat was not the word I wanted, he just looked "bloated".  I don't know how to explain that.  He was acting kind of funny when he would walk across the room, like maybe something was bothering him in his neck or back.  I did call my vet, and she said to tap his tummy.  That if his tummy was tight, or sounded like a drum, then I needed to get him in ASAP.  Well, at this point, I'm not home.  So would have to wait until I get home at 10pm.  His tummy was not tight, nor did it sound like a drum when I tapped on it, so I guess I over-reacted.

My son could not get Dannii to eat Thursday night at all.  Neither could I when I got home.  I did give him some organic yogurt, and he ate "some" of that.

I was afraid that Dannii was going to quit eating on me, but that was not the case Friday morning.  He ate his kibble, and I had no problems in giving him his pills either.  Son, said that Dannii ate his dinner and again took his pills.
Dannii, eating

Saturday morning, I didn't have to leave until 10am.  Dannii again ate his breakfast and took his pills.  It helps by putting his pills into some lunch meat, and then roll it up like a sausage.

This here is a week old, picture of Dannii when he first really started eating.  Am still waiting on my batteries for my camera.

Son also said that Dannii ate his dinner and his pills Saturday night.  I just hope this keeps up.

The CCNU came in on Friday, but I have yet to start it.  Things are going good, and I hate to do something that might change that picture, right now.  Am looking into other things (Essential Oils).  My pocketbook is not that deep, and I live from paycheck to paycheck.  But I want to do all that I can possibly do, to help Dannii live a much longer life.  Last month, the vets didn't think he would make it to his 13th birthday, which is in 23 days.  Am really praying that I can get Dannii to, and beyond his 14th birthday, which is 12-12-12.

No dog park today though.  Even though its not raining, it is cold out, and I just don't feel all that great.  Feels like I am either coming down with pneumonia  or bronchitis.  Coughing up a storm.  Am afraid that all the cold air, and being right on the water at the dog park, would do me in, and I can't afford to have that happen right now.  So, we are staying home.

Ok, Dannii ate his dinner.  I baked a regular potato and sliced it up so all the dogs could get some.  I also gave Dannii 2 Beano tablets about 5-10 minutes before he ate.  So, hopefully this will cut down on the gas.  He ate all his dinner.  Jenna left some of her kibble.  I sure would like to know what is going on with her mouth.  The vet said it was not her teeth, but she "kind of" has stinky breath, not anywhere near as bad as it used to be before she got her dental done.  I hope its nothing more serious as I just do not have the funds available to do anything for her, or for Dannii even, at this point.

Well, that's it for now, you all come back it again, now hear?

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