Friday, November 18, 2011

11-17-11 Thursday

The problem may be with the batteries for my camera!  Here, I thought it was the charger, until my son reminded me that the batteries do give out after a time.  So, ordered some new batteries, and hopefully they will be here by tomorrow.  Hope, hope, hope.

I wrapped Dannii's pills (the supplements) in lunch meat, course, I can't put all the pills into one rolled up piece of meat, it would be too much.  But at least I am getting him to take the selenium and the SAMe.  He's taking the Essiac Tea 8.  So far so good.

Breakfast was unremarkable.  He ate. 

I had to work til 9pm, which mean's I don't get home until 10pm.  My son called me, and asked a question unrelated to the dogs, but did tell me that Dannii didn't eat.  He soaked their food in hot water, Jenna's bowl was empty, but he's not sure if she ate it, or one of the other dogs ate it, and there was still food in Zak's bowl!  That's unheard of for Zak.  He is the garbage can on four feet, where there is food, he eats it.

When I got home, I couldn't even get Dannii to eat.  He did eat some organic yogurt, but it was not alot.

I'm just praying and hoping that this is not the end.  All his blood work from the comprehensive CBC looks very, very good.  The vet was really, really happy.  Just hope and pray that he will eat tomorrow.

You all come back again, now hear?

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