Monday, November 21, 2011

11-21-11 Monday

Well, I don't think I actually posted exactly what Dannii gets in the morning.  First off, around 5 or 6 am he gets his Essiac Tea, and since its in capsules, I just roll them up in a piece of lunch meat, and he just swallows them down. "Sometimes".  Once or twice, he has dropped it and then would just try and tear a piece off a little bit at a time. One time, he even bit down on a Essiac Tea capsule, and just dropped the whole thing!

Now, just before breakfast, he gets his phenobarbital pills (1.5), a pepcid, a Ondansetron pill to help with his loss of appetite, a Mirtazapine, to stimulate his appetite.  Sometimes, I will just mix that up with a bit of baby food on a spoon, and let him lick it up.  The last couple of days, I wrapped them up in a piece of lunch meat.

Now, we wait for about a half hour or so, for the pepcid to kick in.  Now he gets 2/3's cup of Innova Evo Turkey and Chicken.  In the mornings, I will wet it with very hot water, not enough to soak it in, but just for a bit of flavor, then I pour off the excess water, and give him the bowl.

About a half hour or so later, Dannii gets his Prednisone pill, a Selenium, a vitamin E, and a SAMe.  If I can, I use one piece of lunch meat for all, but found that, that is too many pills, so have to use another slice.

That's it for the morning.  If I don't have to leave for work until later in the day, I try and give him something to tied him over until my son can feed him dinner.

Son only gives Dannii dry kibble at the dinner meal.  He eats it right up. Sometimes he is still looking for more food, as if he just wasn't getting enough.  He also gets his second dose of phenobarbital pills, either in baby food, or lunch meat.

Around 10pm, Dannii gets his second dose of Essiac Tea.  These capsules are big, about an inch long, but I put them end to end and roll them up, and give one end to Dannii, and he just inhales it.  Now I have the Essiac Tea ready for in the morning.  This time, I cut the lunch meat in half, and rolled up one pill in each piece, should make it a bit easier to swallow that early in the morning.

Jenna is still having problems with her mouth.  She's leaving her food, even after it has soaked up the hot water, and had been mushed down.  The Rimadyl and the antibiotic do not seem to be working.  Will need to call my vet in the morning and see what she has to say.  I know she will want to do x-rays, but I just can't afford them right now.  I just pray that this is nothing too serious with her.

Am off the bed, you all come back again, now hear?

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