Sunday, November 27, 2011

11-27-2011 Point Isabel with photos

Things have been going very well lately.  Dannii has been eating, and then even looking for more!  I just want to be careful and make sure that he does not get too fat.  This here is another sweater that he has.  This one, I bought at Walmart.

Today was our annual basenji meet-up at Point Isabel.  My friend, Dale did not make it today, as she has family up from the LA area, and they were heading back home later today.  We had about 12 basenji's today.  One was new, and came down from Sacramento.  They had a 8 month old basenji girl, named Sierra.  She was a very nice girl, and such a sweetheart. No growling or snarling from this girl.

This here is Sierra.  She is a very sweet 8 month old.  Takes treats very gently out of your hand.  Not the snarking or snarling b-girls that we are used to.

Chris has the oldest basenji.  Sunshine is 14, and Cassie is 4, I think.  Between me and Dale, her Baree is the oldest at 13, Scout is 12.  I think Chris is checking out his video camera, and of course the dogs all thought he had treats to dispense.

Two gals asking questions about the basenji's.  Chris is petting Jenna, and Dannii is next to her.  Sunshine looks like she is trying to get on Chris' lap.

Chris has his left hand on Dannii, and Zak is standing next to him.  That looks to be Sunshine down on the bench.  Not sure who belongs to the butt, as the rest of the dog, got cut off.

It was pretty foggy when I left the house this morning to head for the park.  I was thinking that probably nobody was going to show up, but was pleasantly surprised that we had as many basenji's that we did.  It was just too bad that Dale couldn't make it.  It turned out to be a nice day, not really cold, and the sun was out.  Hardly any wind at all.

Well, someone mentioned on one of the cancer sites that I am on, that her vet told her to give her dog raw liver, twice a week.  I have been giving Dannii liver, but I always cooked it first.  Well, last night, I gave all 3 dogs some raw liver.  Most of it went to Dannii, on top of his kibble, and Jenna and Zak got smaller pieces.  Well, Jenna wouldn't touch it at all, but Dannii and Zak sure chowed it down in no time!  I'm not fond of raw liver.  I grew up on liver, and I do like it, but it needs to be cooked.  But, if raw liver is much better for Dannii, I am willing to do that for him.

When I went to feed them tonight, I "thought" I had given Dannii his phenobarbital pills, but a few minutes later, I couldn't remember if I gave the phenobarbital, or the prednisone!  So stupid!  He is suppose to only get the prednisone once a day, in the morning, but the phenobarbital, he gets twice a day.  So, I gave him another dose of the phenobarbital.  I don't think it will hurt him, compared to if I didn't give it to him, but gave him the prednisone instead.  He would be having a seizure sometime during the night, and I don't want that.

Angus, I think is in the group photo above.  They had to leave early.  When we were still waiting for everyone to show up, Angus went up to get some water, and some dog nipped him in the butt, not just on the butt, but his anus also.  Greg and Nancy decided to leave and take Angus to the vet to get him checked out. She informed everyone that Angus is ok, that he is on antibiotics, and he got his butt shaved, and I think he also got a shot of some kind.  Glad to know that it wasn't anymore serious than that.

Well, that's about it for today.  I hope you all come back again, now hear?


  1. You could sort Dannii's pills into one of those weekly pill things. That way you'd know if you gave it to him that day already or not.
    With all the junk I need to give Conker to keep him from itching, I could use one of them too.

  2. We make great use of our weekly pill containers. Just takes a minute to refill it once a week, and keeps everything nice and regular. I don't have to ask the DD if he pilled Bowdu or not -- if the pill's still in the case, then the answer is no.

    Angus' injury sounds nasty! Poor guy...

    Sorry I couldn't make it today. Had too much going on in the morning. I'll run into you again soon though!

  3. I have one of those pill containers! I never thought of using that. DUH. Thanks for that.

    Angus didn't look too bad, they just wanted to make sure he was ok. He refused some treats while still at the park, so that was a sign that he wasn't feeling well. He's on the mend tho.

    Next meet-up is the 18th of Dec, as the 25th is the last Sunday of the month, and of course, its Christmas.