Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday 11-4-2011 AND 11-5-2011 Saturday

So frustrating.  I did get Dannii to eat 2  2.5oz jars of baby food, and a piece of liver.  Still had problems with his pills tho.  For some reason, he hates taking pills, hmmmmmmmmm.  I wonder why?  I did shove a selenium tablet down his throat though.  I just wanted to get some into him.

When I got home from work, he ate 1 2.5oz of baby food, and turned his nose up at everything else.  I cooked up 2 turkey legs, and after they had cooled off, I took the meat off of them, and gave him "some" of the meat, and of course, he ate that.

On Saturday, I got him to take some of his pills mixed in the baby food, but he wouldn't take his Prednisone pills.  I crushed them up, and mixed them in with some baby food, and used that as a spread on a piece of lunch meat.  Rolled the lunch meat up and he ate it.

I did the same thing with his Phenobarbital pills, mixed in with baby food, and spread it out on a piece of lunch meat. He ate that around dinner time.    Saturdays I have to leave the house by 8am and I just couldn't fight with him any longer, so decided to wait till the evening.

I also am giving him a half a pill (that is the help to increase his appetite), instead of a quarter of it. When you try and cut a half a pill again, they just crush up.  So, I asked my vet, if I could just give half, and after looking over Dannii's chart and everything, she said that that would be fine.  Eventually am going to have to try and wean him off of these two pills, increase appetite, and the one for vomiting.  But the vet told me to make sure that he is eating ok first before I start doing that.  If I notice his appetite go down after that, then he will have to stay on the pills for awhile longer.

Well, you all come back again, now hear?

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