Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some new food to try, day 14

Dannii taken today
Can't believe its already been two weeks!  How time does fly by.

A friend sent me two bags of Honest Kitchen Zeal dog food.  Its all dehydrated meats and veggies and other good stuff.  Its green, and I thought, "oh boy, Dannii will not eat this at all."  I wasn't even too sure that Jenna or Zak would even eat it.  So I took about a cup of the Zeal and put it in a bowl, and heated up some turkey water (water left over from cooking up some turkey legs), and added a cup and a half to the Zeal, and let it sit for a bit.   I add a small amount of kibble to Jenna and Zak's bowl, but not to Danni's.  I was just curious if he would eat or at least try it without the kibble.  Nope, one look at it, and he walked away.  However, Jenna and Zak went to town on theirs.  They didn't care what color it was or anything else.  Dannii couldn't believe that they were eating "that stuff".  He wanted to eat, but just not "that stuff" by itself.  So, I added a small amount of kibble, nope, still wouldn't touch it.  So, then I added a small amount of cooked liver, ok, now he's eating some.  Just not enough.  So, I added in more liver, and really mixed it up real good.  Yep, now he's eating, and in fact, he finished the bowl.  All it took was a good amount of liver added in.  I had some "stuff" left over, so I divided it between Zak and Jenna, with no kibble, and they ate that.  I do believe Jenna and Zak like this "stuff", but the jury is still out on Dannii.  I still have enough for another meal or two. So should know by then if Dannii will like it enough for me to buy some.

Again, he gets his phenobarbital pills, his Ondansetron pills (for loss of appetite), and Mirtazapine (to stimulate appetite), plus a pepcid mixed with some baby food.  I do have him wait for a half hour before he eats, so the pepcid and other pills will have already kicked in.  This was done, first thing this morning, before he got the above breakfast.

Made the same stupid mistake of taking the Fresh Factor, vitamin E,  & C, and half tablet of selenium, plus his Prednisone pills and crushed them together, and this time I mixed them with lots of baby food.  He wouldn't touch it!  That selenium pill really throws him off.  So, I add some liver and very small pieces, and blended it altogether, nope still no eat.  Added even more liver in very small pieces, and mixed it altogether with a fish oil on top, now he eats it.  He just had to have more liver in it.  Need to remember not to put his prednisone pills into anything but a hot dog from now on.  Sure wish there was some way to hide the smell of the selenium, but I haven't come up with anything, yet.

Since I was at work, son had to feed the dogs,   I guess Dannii ate whatever it was that Shea put down. Which I guess is a good thing.  I know he got the Innova Evo Reduced, and I told him to give Dannii the Innova Turkey and Chicken.  How can one forget in a span of one minute?  At least he also got down his phenobarbital pills.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Dannii sure is a hard nut to crack... how could he resist the Zeal?? I didn't know he had a quirk for green things. Bowpi's color quirk is that she only *likes* mushy orange veggies and fruits, but she loooves her Zeal.

    I wonder if another possible option would be Freshpet? It's a line of refrigerated foods, no preservatives, high meat (also contains a lot of liver), and the Vital brand is grain-free. http://freshpet.com/our-brands/ If this is an option instead of cooking daily, it could be something to consider. It's a bit pricey though... but if Dannii likes it, you *might* even be able to hide the selenium pills in some of it, because the rolls have the texture of sausage/hot dogs??

  2. I've seen those FreshPet, but just never stop to really check them out. Finances are limited and if Dannii need's more chemo shots, then I got to make sure I have the money for that. Buying Liver, is cheap. I didn't know Safeway sold it "frozen", but for the amount and size I got, it was less than $2.00 for the whole thing! He loves liver.

    I still have some Zeal, maybe enough for one or two more feedings, so will try it again. Will make sure I pick up the water bowl before hand, and not to add too much water to the stuff. Jenna and Zak sure did like it, and I was surprised!