Friday, November 11, 2011

11-10-11 & today 11-11-11

Whenever we have a memorable day like today 11-11-11; I always try and get some pictures.  This here is all the b's hanging out by the wood stove.  Dannii is the only one who is paying attention, while Jenna acts like I am intruding, and Zak, he flat out don't care! He's the one way in the back.

Well, I have to say that yesterday, I got Dannii to eat some of the Zeal dehydrated dog food!  Of course, I had put some of his kibble on the bottom of his bowl, added hot turkey water to the Zeal and waited for a bit, then added it to all 3 dog bowls.  Jenna and Zak ate it up with no problems, and Dannii did to, this time.  Before, he wouldn't touch it, until I had put a whole bunch of liver down and mixed it all in.

Even though now that he is eating, he has diarrhea, and for some reason, now he has it sticking to his back-end.  Where before, it used to be just blood, now its diarrhea, and dried at that.  So, have to take a good warm cloth and wash him off, which I don't think he minds too much.  Am not sure what is causing this.  Maybe its because he's getting too many supplements at one time or what?  I think I will try and hold off on them, and just make sure that he gets his phenobarbital and prednisone pills for now, plus the Ondansetron for loss of appetite, and Mirtazapine to stimulate his appetite.  I did increase that one, from a 1/4 of a tablet up to a 1/2, so maybe I will cut that one back to a 1/4 again and see if that will help any.  He looks like he is gaining some weight, but not hundred percent sure.  No way to really tell for sure, the scales at my regular vets office is "kind of off", its the same scale they had back in the 1980's when I first starting going there.  Don't know if it has ever been "calerbrated" or not.  I have taken them out to the one pet store that does have a scale, but I think its "off" too.  When Dannii was at the oncologist's on the 2nd of this month, he weighed 22 pounds.  I am pretty sure I stopped at that pet store on the way home to weigh Dannii, but for the life of me, I don't remember, and I didn't write it down like I usually do.

For some reason, I am not feeling well.  Feel like I am coming down with a cold or something.  I take a Ester vitamin C and a selenium, and usually I don't ever get sick, sick.  But there have been times, like now, where I just don't feel good.  Course right now also, I have acid indigestion but I take something for that, but its no longer working.  It's generic form, so maybe I need to get the "real thing"?

Jenna is going to the regular vet on Wednesday of next week, to have her mouth checked.  I do believe her teeth are bothering her, as she won't eat all of her kibble, even when its soaked to mush.  She was coming down with "stomatitis", and she just had a cleaning about two months ago, maybe less, so she shouldn't be going through this right now.  My vet did say that sometimes they have to pull all the teeth for the "stomatitis" to clear up, as its up in the gums above the teeth.  Great.  More bills that I can't afford.  Hopefully we can get her on an antibiotic for right now, and see if that will help.

Tomorrow being Saturday, I need to get up early.  Had to get up early today, as it was a school holiday, and all the kids were out.  Felt like a Saturday to me, but nope, tomorrow is, so I am off the bed, just like the dogs are.

You all come back again, now hear?

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