Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday to Dannii

This past week has been unremarkable.  Dannii has been eating like he should.  Still have some problems with getting him to eat his flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, but if I add something to it, then he will eat it.  I much prefer if he would eat it with out me having to add anything to it.

For breakfast he got his flaxseed mixed with cottage cheese and then I added in a good handful of ground turkey, and a egg.  He gobbled it up.  I was then going to give him a can of sardines, but Jenna did not finish her breakfast, so Dannii cleaned out her bowl.  So, so much for the sardines, he will just have to wait now.

I didn't have to work today, as I had no students, so since I have NO money to do anything with or able to go anywhere, we just stayed home, and sacked out by the fire.

For a snack, Dannii got a bit of a scrambled egg.  It was not a full egg, but I did give him some of mine.

Zak is my garbage can on four feet.  He thinks he is entitled to eat whatever and where ever, he wants.  This guy needs to go a diet big time.

It was truly a lazy day for all of us.  For dinner Dannii got some boiled liver mixed in the can of sardines from earlier in the day.  He looks pretty content now that his tummy is full.

When he was first diagnosed with lymphoma back in October, the vets did not think Dannii would make it to see this day.  But here he is, in all his glory.  He's 13 today, and if I can do anything to help things along (with the Lords help, of course), Dannii will make it to his 14th birthday, and prayerfully beyond.


  1. Dear Dannii,
    Happy Baroo-day to you! I am glad you got to your 13th birthday! You sure get a bunch of yummy-sounding stuff to eat. I wish I got sardines and eggs and cottage cheese. I would gulp it all down right away. If there's anything you don't want, you can just send it to me in Kansas City, okay?
    Your friend, Piper

  2. If there was any left, I could do that Piper, but I think it would stink of the mail really, really bad. Maybe that would be a good thing, and it would get there quicker?
    Sadly tho, there was non left.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Your friend, Dannii