Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday 12-18-11

Well, today is my son's 36th birthday, and he went over to his dad's for dinner.  Kayli (son's daughter) was coming over also.  He had not seen his daughter for almost 2 months, due for one reason or another, since she lives in another town.

Since I was not invited, I took the dogs to the annual basenji meet-up at Point Isabel.  I think we had about 10 basenji's.  Last month, I think it was something like 12-14.

Zak, courtsey of M.C,

I don't know why, but half the time when you take a picture of Zak, he always looks sad.  Or, maybe he's just looking for food and nobody will give him any?

Jenna, courtsey of M.C.

Not to many picture's of Jenna, straight on. Either she has turned her head or something, like this one.  Not a bad profile shot.

Courtsey of M.C

Then, Dannii is, well, Dannii


We met this little guy, named Beta.  Very cute, if I do say so.  Nobody was sure of what he is, M.C. thought he looked like something that I can't even begin to pronounce, let alone spell, other's thought he "might" be a basenji mix.  Same size, ears, and curly tail.  But, oh so cute, and so very friendly.

From left to right, Dannii, Scout, Zak and Jenna 

Not too often that we can get a shot like this, its too bad that Baree wasn't in the picture.
This photo is courtsey of M.C.

Jenna on the left, and Zak

Now this picture would have been complete, if only Dannii had gotten onto the table. Even though neither Jenna or Zak are looking at the camera (me), I still think it turned out ok.

Well, that's it for the dog park this time around.  You all come back again, now hear?


  1. I'm STILL getting the hang of trying to tell the difference between Zak and Jenna. One reason that Jenna doesn't get many pictures of her is because she's always right there under your arms, trying to get extra petting. Which makes her a little too close to the camera. =)

    I think Zak has a very distinctive "slouchy" posture. He stares hard with his muzzle turned down, which adds to the "dour" expression.

    One of these days, I will get a perfect combo of all possible Basenji colors in one shot. One of these days...

    I thought Beta looked like a Taiwan tugou, or Formosan Mountain Dog. The dog at the top of the Wikipedia entry looks very much like him:
    They have a very similar temperament as Basenjis.

  2. I can't tell you guys apart either, but I think you are all VERY handsome, which is all that really matters! That little Beta is very cute!

    Your friend, Piper