Sunday, February 19, 2012

2-19-12 Continued

The weather was nice, but a tad windy.  Decided to get Dannii outside, while its still nice.

Dannii over in neighbor's yard

Leaving neighbor's yard


Comtemplating his next move.

Later in the day, in back field

Dannii spies Mocha

Mocha come's to say hello

I had let Zak outside along with Dannii, this time.  He usually will take off if he's with Dannii, but not this time.  Here Zak thinks he wants to play with Mocha, and Mocha is saying, "I don't think so."

Back over in the others neighbor's yard, checking out things.  Thank goodness the "yappers" were not outside.  Zak is in the back, with Dannii in the front.

Zak is on the hunt for something

One final romp before going back into the house.

 Will try and keep this a bit more updated, but as I stated earlier (at least I think I did), there is not much change from day to day.  Will probably wait until I get the pictures now from our Wednesday "photo shoot".

You'all come back again, now hear?



  1. Dannii's tail is up! That's such a good sign.
    Looking forward to the photo shoot. =)

  2. I can't wait to see some more pictures of these handsome Basenjis!