Sunday, February 19, 2012


Its been two weeks, since my last post.  Not a whole lot has changed on the home front.  Dannii is still being his picky self, and will only eat, when he feels like it.  I have run out of the nausea pills (some should be arriving this week), so Dannii hasn't been getting. Am now trying to give his appetite stimulant pills every other day.  Did not give one today, as he ate some canned dog food without any prompting.
Mocha, 2-9-12

 This is Mocha, my neighbor's cat.  I took a picture of her in an earlier post, sniffing Zak and Zak was sniffing her.  She is a loveable cat, loves to be petted, but only on her terms!  Doesn't care too much for being held though.  She is a priss but in a nice way.  In my heart I truly wished I had kept her, but at that time, I just wasn't sure how to get Jenna to take a nice liking to a cat.  Knowing Jenna, she probably would have killed her (Mocha), if given the chance.

There are 4 dogs in this pen.  They are my neighbors (other side of me), yappers!  All they do is bark.  Drives me crazy.  I had Dannii outside, and he had gone over to investigate the yard, and he set all 4 of the dog's off.  I can't stand it when they are outside running around, and barking.

Dannii eating other neighbor's cat food

No explanation needed.

Dannii is ready to go back inside.  You can barely see Jenna through the screen door.

Dannii is back in his chair, after being outside for about an hour. 

Poor Zak, on the 12th, I had to work, as just as I was going out the door, I noticed that his right eye was closed. I tried to open it, but couldn't.  Nothing I could do until I got home.  I gave him some benadryl, praying that that will help.  Don't know what happened, maybe got scratched by one of the 4 cats we have? Just not sure. Was just hoping that the benadryl would work, as I couldn't afford to take him into the vets.


Don't know what it is about Jenna, she is a rescue, but everytime I get the camera out, she gets her ear's down, and looks away from the camera.  I think I only gotten one truly good picture of her, and that was last year when we were at the dog park, she was actually looking at me with her ear's up!  One of these day, I will get another one of her with her ear's up.

The benadryl worked, and Zak now has his eye opened. 

Dannii back in his chair!

The only valentine picture I got of all 3 of them this year, and Zak just had to turn away!  Drats.

Dannii ate a wonderful amount of food tonight, so maybe now he's content?

This is Groucho.  He is not one of our orginal cats.  My son brought him home from a friend of his, that could no longer take care of him. He is the only male cat (neutered), among 3 female (spayed) cats.  He like's to pick on 2 of the cats, especially Muffler, who lives in the back of the garage, but will come into the house once in a while. I think Groucho likes to hear Muffler growl and hiss at him, if he gets too close to her.

Geez, you look weird, upside down. Groucho like's to play, as you can see.  Am surprised that never being around dogs before, he was not afraid of my 3 at all.  Even when all 3 ganged up on him to sniff and smell him out, he just sat quietly until the dogs were done.  Out of all 3 cats, Groucho will sit when you tell him, and will "talk" when you ask him, as long as you got a treat in your hand.  He is one loveable cat, and does like to be held.

Back to Dannii, he went in to the vet's on the 15th for a CBC (complete blood count) to check his red blood cells.  A week before, they had dropped down to 30, and should be up around 35.  Well, the results came in the same night, and the vet called me to tell me that the red blood count is exactly the same, but they can see new baby red blood cells forming.  Which mean's his bone marrow is working!  That is a good thing.  BUT , now his white blood cell count is high, too high, up around 23,000 and it should be down under 16,000.  The vet is hoping that its just an infection.  You have to remember that Dannii's lymphoma is in his rectum, and it gets real ickky back there.  So right now, we have him on two antibiotics for two weeks, and then we need to do another CBC.  However, the vet said that it could also be inflammation, and if it is, then there is nothing more than we can do, as he is already getting prednisone.  So am praying that its an infection, and the med's will clear it up.

Am going to let Dannii outside soon, and try and get some more pictures of him, if he will let me.  Oh also, a friend of mine is meeting us at the dog park this Wednesday to get some good pictures of the 3 Amigos and I.  I take terrible pictures, but still would like a few of Dannii and I and before its too late. Don't know how long it will take her to get the photos to me, as she either emails them or puts them on Flicker. 

That's all for now, you all come back again, now hear?

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