Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 31, 2012

When I got up this morning, I had seen some liquid on the floor, upon further inspection, I realized that Dannii had thrown up the chicken that he ate last night.  He was laying on his dog pillow, and he didn't move, and some of the watery liquid had soaked into the pillow!  I gently held him by the collar, and got him up off the pillow.  He walked into my room, and I had to help him get up on the bed.  He was not looking good at all.  I had thought it was probably his time.  I had called the vets, and explained what was going on.  They asked if I could bring him in, so they could check him out and see if they could do something for him to make him more comfortable.  I said, ok.

The vet's office had ordered some Elspar for Dannii and we had been waiting for it to come in.  Hopefully today.  When Dr. Cole came in, she didn't like the looks of Dannii, and first thing she said was that he needed some sub q fluids as he is dehydrated.  She is not his normal vet, it was her day off.  Dr. Cole also said that she was going to send home some sub q fluids for me to administer to Dannii and that they would show me how to do that.  The Elspar came in while we were there, and I was truly happy about that.  So, they said that they were going to give Dannii a shot of Benadryl just to make sure that he doesn't have a reaction to the Elspar.  So they did that, then they showed me how to do the sub q fluids.  Said I can pick Dannii up in a couple of hours and to call around 3:30pm. 

I was suppose to work today, had three students.  So, I had to call the office.  Julie already knew I was at the vets.  She didn't want to move the students to today, (Wednesday) saying that they really wanted to get out since they now have their permit, so she was going to move them to another instructor.  I was willing to work today, to make up for yesterday, but didn't work out that way.  Oh well............

Dannii has me scared.  I truly looked into his eyes, and I saw him looking right back at me.  Is it his time?

Dannii on my bed.  It was right after taking this photo that I called the vets and took him in.

I picked Dannii up around 4pm.  He looked a bit perkier.  I went out to Pet Club to buy some DogSure.  They were out.  They guy had said that he ordered some two weeks ago, and they have yet to receive any.  So, I had to go back into town and went to Petco.  The DogSure out at Pet Club is $4.89 a can, at Petco, its $8.98 a can.  Petco only had two cans.  So, I grabbed them, plus they had some can's of mother's milk for puppies, and I grabbed two of them (they were cheaper than the Dog Sure).  At the check out stand, I told the gal ringing me up, that the Dog Sure out at Pet Club was only $4.89.  She called her manager up, and I got a matched price!.  I didn't know they did that!.  Will have to keep it in mind for future reference.

When we got home, Dannii ate one or two bits of food out of Zak's bowl.  Drank some water, and went and laid down in his chair.  When I fed Jenna and Zak, Dannii came in but didn't truly want to eat, so I opened a can of Dog Sure, and he drank almost half.  Left the rest, and went back and laid down.  A couple of hours later, I gave him the rest of the Dog Sure, and he drank almost all of it, probably maybe a 1/4 of it left.  So, I put it in the frdge.  He ate a little bit of my lasagna and later on, he ate a couple pieces of boiled liver.

I was truly hoping that I would have seen a marked improvement by now, well at least some kind, anyway.  Dr. Cole, had told me to hold off on the phenobarbital until today, and to take his prednisone back up to 1 1/2 tablets twice a day.  That we really want to try and get this tumor shrunk down so Dannii can have some comfort for a while.

Well, that's about it for now.  You all come back again, now hear?

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