Sunday, February 26, 2012


Our basenji meet-up was today.  Was not as warm as it was this past Wednesday (when we had our photo shoot), but we had blue skies, and it wasn't too bad, except when it was time to leave, then the wind had started to kick up, and we all got cold.

Dannii for some reason has pulled his "I'm not eating" routine on me the last couple of days.  No matter what I put down for him, he won't eat.  He'll go and sniff it out, and if its not to his liking, he walks away.  This morning, the same thing.  I fried up two eggs (was going to scrambled them), I flipped them over, and then cut them up, and put them in his bowl.  He walked away.  I picked up said bowl, and went to Dannii (who was in his chair by now), to see if he would eat the eggs if I hand fed him.  Yep, that's what did the trick.  Hand feeding!  I don't think so.  I just don't have the time, especially on days that I have to go to work.  But, at least he ate the eggs before we had to leave the house.

Greg is giving the dogs some water.  Him and Nancy have a dog, Angus, that has fanconi.  He drinks alot of water!  Of course, Dannii is front and center looking for treats!

Niles, is a great dane, and when he see's me, he knows I have treats, so he makes a beeline for me every time.

Dannii is checking out Greg's backpack, looking for treats.  Do you think he will find any?

Jenna in front, and then Dannii

The feeding of the masses
Some show up late still looking for handouts
Dannii and Buddy
My handsome boy

Buddy's mom is petting Buddy and Jenna

Dannii and Jenna on their picnic table
Somebody has treats, did ya say?

Dannii always has his head in somebody's packback.

Buddy, brother to Georgie

Georgie, sister to Buddy

Chris' turn to feed the masses

Greg and his little princess, Roxie, she can't be trusted off leash, yet
Greg's wife, Nancy, now her turn to feed the masses

Dannii's tail
Not all of the b's, but most
Added one more b to the mix, plus a wanna be

Roxie, this is the only area, she can be off leash, its easier to catch her here

Dannii, on our way back to the car

Over all, it was a good day, and Dannii looked a 100% better than he did last month, at the meet-up.  For how much longer, I have no idea.  For the last two months, I had been saying that this would probably be his last meet-up.  I didn't say that this time, because I have no idea.  We are just taking it one day at a time.

I have prayed to the good LORD to let Dannii make it to his 13th birthday, which is in December, but I don't know what plans He has for Dannii.  I have also prayed that if he does take Dannii home, to please, and I do mean, please, let Dannii go in his sleep.  I just don't want to have to make that decision.

I fixed spaghetti tonight for dinner. So I gave some to Dannii with a bit of spaghetti sauce, but he didn't eat all of it.  He should be really hungry, just having a couple of eggs for breakfast..........but, I forgot about all those treats he got at the dog park!  Still I don't believe it was enough to fill him up to the point where he wouldn't eat.  I even bought a small bag of "Chef Michaels" dog food, and I know he loves least he used to, wouldn't eat it.  I got some stew meat and am cooking it in the crock pot with one sweet potato, a rutabaga, some carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and green beans.  I hope this turns out better than the one with the chicken livers, because all 3 dogs didn't like that one at all.  That had spinach in it, so I don't know.

Dannii just finished up the rest of the spaghetti that was in his bowl.  So, I guess he was finally hungry enough to eat the rest of it, which wasn't all that much anyways.

Well, that's all for today, hope you all come back again.  Now hear?


  1. Marti, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble getting Dannii to eat, but glad you're having at least some success. It's amazing how long Dannii has hung in there. I'm sure you are treasuring every day you have with him. I enjoyed seeing the photos from the basenji meet-up.

  2. Thanks, Eva. Am glad you enjoy the photos. Its been a little over 5 months now that Dannii has been diagnosed with lymphoma. My vet is truly amazed at how well Dannii is doing.