Friday, March 16, 2012

3-16-2012 Dripping a lot of blood

For the past couple of mornings, when I get up, my living room floor is covered in poo and blood.  I'm not talking just a little bit of blood, but quite a bit, that's mixed in with the poo.  Not fun waking up and first thing, have to mop the floor!  I have tried putting a diaper on Dannii, but he will only leave it on for so long, then he rips it off.

I tried to see if he would go outside, but he didn't even want to get up out of his chair.  Not good.  Besides, he's breathing "kind of hard".  Not really sure what I mean by that, but its not his normal breathing.  Just kind of "heavy" is more like it, I guess.

I think his time is very close at hand.  There's still much going on with his eyes.  Am praying we can get through the week-end before any decisions have to be made.

I hope that this is not the last photo of Dannii.

He has not eaten anything so far this morning.  I did give him his nausea pill and appitite stimulant pills.  I tried to see if he would take some DogSure, but no.  So I gave him about 12mls of DogSure, and then two smaller amounts.  Hoping that that might stimulate him into drinking, but so far, no.  Will try again after a little while.  Have to leave for work soon, and son will be gone for his daughter's birthday.  So, nobody's going to be home, until I get home around 8pm.  Hopefully either I or my son can get Dannii to take some DogSure or at least maybe eat something, before we all have to leave.

Well, that's all for right now.  You all come back again, now hear?

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