Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dannii in his chair

Dannii is hardly eating anything now.  He is even refusing the DogSure, and no matter what, he would always drink that!  He kept following me around this morning, in the kitchen, acting like he was hungry, and I know that he probably is.  No matter what I tried to give him, he refused.  So, I fixed him an omelet with some ham lunchmeat inside.  After it cooled down a bit, I gave the bowl to him, but he refused it, wouldn't touch it at all.  I ended up making myself an omelet, and I took my plate and fork, plus his bowl and another fork, and went and sat down.  I would take a bite of my omelet, and then I would give him a forkfull of him omelet.  He finally ate the whole omelet, except for one piece.

Around 10:55a.m he had a seizure.  He has never had one during the day before, at least that I know of.  Afterwards, I usually give him some vanilla ice cream, and he would just go to town on that.  Not today.  He refused the ice cream!  Have no idea what is going on.

I had to leave for work, and he followed me to the door, wanting to go outside.  I couldn't let him out, and no one was home.  I had gotten my son to try and feed him at dinnertime, and he managed to get Dannii to eat some left over Hamburger Helper.  Still wouldn't take the DogSure when I got home from work around 10pm.  So I poured some into Jenna's bowl, and some into Zak's bowl.  Dannii decided to drink some of the DogSure from Jenna's bowl.  Jenna drank the rest of the DogSure from the bowl that I had it in, in the first place.

Tomorrow is another day, and I am fixing spaghetti.  So we will see if he will eat some of that.

He has been stumbling alot, weaving from side to side, acts like he's going to topple over, but hasn't.....yet.  A while back, my vet said that to her, it sounds like that cancer has gone into his brain.  Its a possibility I guess.  We aren't going to know for sure, unless we run some tests, which I am not going to do, because for one thing, nothing can be done about it.  I think his time is getting close at hand.  I wish I could be wrong, but I don't think so.  He doesn't seem to be in any pain.  I guess that my one wish would be that when his time doesn come, that it not be on a week-end.  As I have no way of getting ahold of my vet.  If I have to use another clinic they would charge me an emergency fee, plus the euthanasia fee, and then I would have to take him inside the clinic.  At least with my vet, when the time does come, she will come out to the car, and do it there.  The car is Dannii's home away from home, and he feels safe there.

Well, am off to bed.  You all come back again, now hear?

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