Monday, March 5, 2012


Beautiful outside today, but where I am at, its a bit windy.  Dannii wanted to go outside, so I let him out, and managed to snap a few photos.

I wanted to mention, that late yesterday afternoon, Dannii was looking for something to eat, but whatever I put down, he didn't want it.  So I had bought some lunchmeat just for that reason.  So, I gave him some smoked turkey, and he started eating it.  It was only a 9 oz bag, but he ate "almost" the whole bag.  That was the first food, he ate in two days, as he's only been drinking DogSure.  I fixed myself some Hamburger Helper for dinner, and put some in his bowl, and since it had hamburger in it, I figured he would eat it, and he did.  I had enough left over from dinner for "left overs", but decided to give it to Dannii.  So, he got some for breakfast this morning.  At first he didn't eat much, when he came back in from being outside, he finished off the bowl.  So far, so good.  Yesterday, I decided to up his Prednisone.  He was getting 1.5 tablets twice a day.  So I gave him a total of 4 tablets yesterday, and will do the same for today.  I think the 1.5 tablets are no longer working (the vet did tell me that the prednisone will stop working after awhile).  Am just hoping that this may give Dannii a bit more time.  But no one knows for sure.

Another basenji?
still looking good

Nice head shot
after coming back inside, Zak's not happy that he didn't get to go outside
Dannii eating

As long as I can get him to still eating something or anything, as long as its food, even the DogSure, he will be around for awhile longer.  At least I hope so.

We are no longer doing a cancer diet, as Dannii will no longer eat most of the foods on the diet.  So its just whatever he will eat at this point, even if its cat food.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Have you heard about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)? I have been taking it to keep a pre cancerous condition at bay. I also give it to my cat as a preventative. I know that Skip treats his dogs with LDN. Here is his contact page if you want to check it out. ldn and dogs

    Hugs to you and Dannii.

  2. I have to say I have never heard of this before. Dannii has lymphoma in his rectum, plus a mass on the outside of his colon. He is getting prednisone also has Elspar (chemo shot). Would this work for cancer?

  3. Yes, it has. If nothing else, it might improve quality of life for him.