Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pictures from our "photo shoot" on 2-22-12


Zak meeting "BoJanggles" the bloodhound

My sweet Danni

Jenna, the priss

I love my boy, Dannii

Zak, Dannii, Jenna

Goofing off, and Dannii is embarrassed

Praying for my boy
Leave it to Jenna to do her "own thing"

There are a whole lot more pictures, I think M.C. took a 100 more photos.  These were the one's that were already on my computer.  The rest are on a CD.  But you all got an idea how well Dannii looked just a week ago and a half ago.   All these photo's are courtesy of M.C.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. dannii looks so happy! your Bs are just beautiful!

    diana jones

  2. Wonderful photos. I'm sure you'll treasure these for a long time.