Sunday, March 4, 2012


There has been a big change in Dannii since the basenji meet-up.  He had been doing so well this past month.  I know most of it was because of the Elspar (chemo) that Dannii got on the 31st of January, and a second one, a week later.  He had been like his old self, and the biggest was his eating.  Yeah, he was still a little picky about what he wanted, but at least he was eating.

Now, he is refusing food, and has been for the past day and a half.  Can't get him to eat anything at all.  Even giving him nausea pills and appetite stimulant, he still won't eat.  He does drink the DogSure though.  So, I guess that is good.

These pictures were taken today, and as you can see there is a difference in Dannii from that last couple of posts.  I don't have any idea how much time he has left, but am guessing that its going to be within the next two weeks.  Granted, I could be wrong, but .................I don't know.  Have been praying to the good LORD to please take Dannii in his sleep.  I am just so not ready to made that decision, but I know that I may have to.  I will not let him suffer.

Dannii     3-4-12

Dannii soaking up some sun

Bath time?

Dannii may look ok, but I know he's not

I had such a false since of hope for this past month, that maybe, just maybe, we can get Dannii closer to his birthday, which is in December.  But, I knew in my heart (but still didn't want to believe it), that it was not going to happen.

Am going to try and get pictures of him everyday now, until its his time.

I got photos to post from our "photo shoot" that was on February 22.  Dannii looks so good in those photos!

You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. I'm so sorry, Marti. I know this is very tough for you to go through. I wish I could be there to give you a hug.