Sunday, March 11, 2012

3-8 & 11-2012

These 3 pictures were taken on 3-8-12

This is Sunday March 11, 2012.  Dannii is still barely eating anything.  Ran out of DogSure, but even the last can he played with, would drink some, and then not want it, but did finally finish it off.  I ordered 10 cans, but they have yet to arrive, would have thought they would have been here yesterday, but no.  So, I went to Petco, they didn't have any, but I bought a can of Goats milk, and then a can of puppy milk, which he has had before.  I thought maybe he would take to the Goats milk, but nope, and he wouldn't touch the puppy milk either.  Had Pappa Murphys pizza last night, and he did eat a few slices of that, so at least it was something. 

Today, I bought a couple of packages of thinly sliced round steak (stir fry).  I pan fried one package up, and Dannii ate a couple of slices of that.  Am not sure if his teeth are bothering him or what. But it seems that he doesn't want to chew anything.  I fixed myself a Fiesta Potato for dinner, and usually divide the skin from the baked potato into 3 slices, so all 3 dogs can have a piece.  Dannii will normally chow this down, but again, its like he doesn't want to chew, so he only ate a few bites and left the rest.  In the meantime, I baked up the last of the chicken thighs, I cut one piece up, and he wouldn't touch it.  So, I divided it into 2 bowls, one for Jenna and one for Zak.  Dannii came and ate most of the chicken thigh that I had in Jenna bowl!  He wouldn't eat it from my hand or off of a fork!  He wouldn't eat anymore, and left a piece in the bowl.  I don't know what's going on.  He has got my truly baffled as far as his eating will go.

I can't afford to take him into the vets, as I had thought he would be near his end days by now.  He is still drinking water, so I know he's not dehydrated and that is a good thing.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that I upped his prednisone from 1.5 tablets twice a day to 2 tablets twice a day.  So he is actually getting 1 extra tablet for the whole day.  Not sure if its making any difference or not.  After when he got his Elspar shot last month, he had NO problem going outside to do his duty.  Now, because he feels like he has to go all the time, now he will hunch himself over in the house, and I have woken up in the mornings to bloody poo on the floor.  When I happen to catch him in the house doing that, I run him outside.  With his bloody poo and Jenna peeing and crapping on the floor, now one of the cats, threw up on my bed!  Am so tired of all this mess.  Before I could clean that up off the bed, one of the dogs decided to eat it!

These pictures were taken today.

Nice head-shot of Zak with his brand new collar!


Well, you all come back again, now hear?

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  1. Poor Dannii. He looks so thin, like my little Gabe did towards the end of his life. Give him a hug for me.